On August 26, 2017

The FIFO International Patry

Sapporo will be coming together to offer up inexhaustible social opportunities just for YOU!  That's what The FIFO International Party is all about.  Come experience it!

The FIFO International Party is a great opportunity for making new friendships, whether for cultural exchange, language practice, networking and career.  We know you'll enjoy our fun atmosphere, and you can be sure that lots of excellent people will be waiting to meet you!

Introduce a New Friend and Get Rewarded

Do you know others who might enjoy attending a FIFO Party?  Yes, of course you do!  Because, hey, who doesn't like a party?  That's why we have a special offer for you.

The admission fee for this event is 3,000 yen at the door (incl 2 drinks) or 2,500 yen with advance registration.  However, if you have previously attended a FIFO Party, and you register in advance and bring along one or more friends who have never attended before, we'll reward you for the introduction with a big wet kiss.  Or alternatively with an additional 500 yen off of the admission price for each of you--your choice.  But, you must select either one or the other, not both--those are the rules.

To qualify, you must register in advance here on our website, providing the full requested information for the friends you are bringing and ticking the "First Time Friend Discount" box.  Otherwise, no kiss.

Sapporo's Friendliest International Event = FIFO Party!

Word is spreading speedily in Sapporo about the phenomenon that is The FIFO Party.  Yessir, there's only one place you'll want to be in Sapporo when it's a FIFO Party night.

Every FIFO Party brings out lots of unique, fun, and interesting people.  You'll have EXCELLENT opportunities for meeting EXCELLENT individuals.  And even if excellent is a word you wouldn't feel comfortable using to describe your language skills, hey, fear not!  There's always someone there to help out, including the ever-friendly event staff.

So, what are you waiting for?  After reading this far, your only hope now of getting a decent return on your time already invested is to click on over to our Registration page and sign yourself up for some fun.  We can't wait to see you there!

An Awesome Party at an Awesome Place

The party will be held at the spacious and trendy "D-mode sapporo". You'll love Omnibus sapporo for its sophisticated party vibe and sparkly club lighting. It's a space designed for releasing the fun-loving spirit in the heart of every eager FIFO guest. When the drinks are flowing and the crowd reaches critical mass, that's when the seductive party power of D-mode sapporo really shines.

The FIFO International Party
August 26, 2017, from 7:00 to 10:00pm

Location: D-mode SAPPORO
Bonz Building 5F
Minami 6-jo, Nishi 6
Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Admission: ¥3,000 at the door, incl 2 drinks or ¥2,500 with reservation.