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先週、アメリカで世界最長ロングランのトーク番組「The Tonight Show」のホストが変わりました。21年間続けてきたホストのJay Lenoから新しいホストのJimmy Fallonになりました。Fallonはその番組の6人目になります。


Brian Williams - "Rapper's Delight"

ビデオに使っていた曲はヒップホップ時代を始めたと言われる有名な「Rapper's Delight」です。

The Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight (1979)


Rapper's Delight Lyrics
I said a hip hop
The hippie, the hippie
To the hip, hip hop
You don't stop, the rocket

To the bang bang boogie
Say up jump the boogie
To the rhythm of the boogie
The beat

Now, what you hear is not a test
I'm rapping to the beat
And me, the groove, and my friends
Are gonna try to move your feet

See I am Wonder Mike
And I'd like to say hello
To the black, to the white, the red and the brown
The purple and yellow

But first, I gotta
Bang bang the boogie
To the boogie, say up jump the boogie
To the bang bang boogie

Let's rock
You don't stop
Rock the rhythm that'll make
Your body rock

Well so far you've heard my voice
But I brought two friends along
And next on the mic is my man Hank
C'mon, Hank, sing that song!

Check it out, I'm the C-A-S-A and the N-O-V-A
And the rest is F-L-Y
You see I go by the code of the doctor of the mix
And these reasons I'll tell you why

You see, I'm six-foot-one, and I'm tons of fun
And I dress to a T
You see, I got more clothes than Muhammad Ali
And I dress so viciously

. . .

Everybody go
Ho-tel, mo-tel, what you gonna do today? (Say what?)
'Cause I'm a get a fly girl
Gonna get some spank, and drive off in a def OJ

Everybody go
Ho-tel, mo-tel, Holiday Inn
Say if your girl starts acting up
Then you take her friend

The Naysayers
ちなみに、Jimmy Fallonは下のビデオの人で、彼に「Tonight Showのホストになるなんてありえない」と言った友達もいるらしいです。Fallonは、「それで賭けた100ドルは、僕に借りがあるね」と言いました。
"To my buddy who said that I'd never be the host of The Tonight Show, and you know who you are, you owe me a hundred bucks, buddy!"
Jimmy Fallon's $100 Tonight Show Bet